TrakPower Speed Equipment


MS Connect ESC Programming Adapter
Expand programming options with your PC!

Installing MS Connect between your TrakPower MS Series ESC and PC lets you use the power of your PC to tap tuning options impossible with manual programming. You can fine-tune boost and turbo timing. Adjust throttle curve or voltage cutoff, set current limits or establish coasting brake parameters. Plus, MS Connect is designed to make setup and adjustments as fast and easy as possible. Graphics simplify menu navigation, allowing you to select and open any of four adjustment groups with a point and click. Settings within each group are prominently identified, and positioned above simple slider switches. Settings are displayed below each switch to ensure accurate results.

And with the Firmware Update tab, you have the power to download available updates and maintain your ESC's competitive edge indefinitely.


Includes USB adapter and cable. For PC use only. Internet connection required for firmware updates.

MS Connect

home screen

Simple, step-by-step programming

Home Screen

Programming ease starts here. Each group of adjustments is identified by a single, distinctive icon and one-word identifier. Navigation is easy, too; just position the cursor over the group you want and click
settings screen Settings
  • Low-Voltage Cutoff
    • > Cuts power to the motor once battery voltage drops below a pre-set level.
  • Thermal Protection ON/OFF
    • > Cuts power to the ESC when the ESC's temperature exceeds a set value.
  • Motor Direction
    • > Changes the direction in which the armature spins. Two settings: Forward and Reverse.
  • Drive Mode
    • > Tailors ESC features to the type of driving you do. Three settings.
      1. Forward/Reverse — for sport driving
      2. Forward/Brake — for racing
      3. Forward/Brake/Reverse Delay — for sport or practice
  • Neutral Width
    • > Lets you adjust the amount of trigger travel between:
      1. Neutral and Brake
      2. Neutral and Throttle
throttle screen Throttle
  • Start Power
    • > Also called throttle punch. Low settings provide smooth, gradual acceleration. Higher settings provide faster, stronger acceleration.
  • Throttle Curve
    • > Lets you adjust throttle response throughout the braking curve. Negative numbers provide, slower, softer throttle response. Positive numbers create harder, faster acceleration.
  • Current Limiter
    • > A valuable feature that helps prevents runaways and control loss by limiting the amount of current flowing through the ESC. Automatically cuts power to the ESC when current flow exceeds a pre-set limit.
  • Coast
    • > Lets you set the amount of forward throttle that's applied when the throttle is at neutral. This allows a vehicle to roll through turns even when the throttle has been released.
timing screen Timing
  • Boost
    • > Advances the timing within a pre-set range of rpm. Provides added punch within that range. An advantage on specific parts of some race tracks.
  • Turbo
    • > Advances the timing once the throttle has been at maximum for a set period of time.
brakes screen Brakes
  • Drag Brake
    • > Passive braking activated when the throttle is released and the trigger returns to neutral. Allows you to set the frequency and percentage (amount) of braking.
  • Brake Strength
    • > Adjusts the amount of braking applied, from zero (none) to 100 (maximum emergency stop).

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