You might be duped under the chimera that it is all about employing the numbers in a casino. However, the candour seems obscure with casinos availing a myriad of psychological chicanery to deter gamblers from gaining an edge. So, if you are smart enough to spot these flimflams, then you can start to level up your game.

Manipulation is deemed fair, especially in terms of gambling. Ever since the dawning of the first casino in 1638, there has existed a constant tussle between the gambler and the house. The unrivalled winner almost always has been the house since time immemorial.

Therefore, let us now recce their tricks; this won’t ensure you a triumphant trip but will fortify your skills against the unparalleled house.

The Casino Layout

The Casino Layout

The first glance might not unravel the truth about the architecture of the land-based casino, but a critical glance will reveal the labyrinth design of a casino. This means that you will have to cross a plethora of flashy games with dazzling lights like the slot machines for you to discover your favourite blackjack.

Saying no to these alluring games is no doubt but a Herculean task. Similarly, particular inevitable halts like the ATM, restroom, and cash-out machines are not easy to unfurl. This is to illuminate their concealed agenda of letting you wander, hoping that you might explore new games.

Now since you are aware, try outsmarting them with landmark features that you can effortlessly recognise. This will be a mammoth errand because designers ensure that you feel comfortable venturing into new games while negating the lost feel.

The Time of Day

The layout of a casino is one that facilitates the time factor to be elusive. The objective of every casino is halt time, which is to usher players into a zone with zilch reminders that time is flying while they are cosseting at the roulette wheel or slot machine.

Therefore, the only deciding factor whether you stay or leave is one’s bankroll; all the other elements are negated. To prevent yourself from falling prey to this deceit, all it takes is to set the alarm on your phone or watch and indulge in frequent breaks.

Go Cashless

The peril of swiping a credit card is analogous to placing wagers at a casino where you forget your gambling budget. For this reason, casinos employ chips or a number on a membership card.

This might furnish you with a feeling that you aren’t using real money; when in actuality, it might be a quantified amount that you could use to purchase your groceries for a week. This is why it is crucial to enter a casino with only the budget you have allocated for that particular day, not a penny more.


The Jackpot Effect

This effect refers to the dazzling lights and exuberant noise that ensues from a slot machine when someone kissed by Lady Luck hits a colossal jackpot. Not everyone can win, but you tend to think if they have won, so can you.

However, the reality is there are two stories to this slot machine. This glamorous side coaxes you, but the flip side cannot be overlooked, which are those silent groans of disappointment because the ugly truth is your chances are bleak.


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