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TrakPower Brushless Motors/ESCs
Pour on the power with MS Series Brushless Components!

Electric racers demand top-notch performance, and TrakPower's MS Series brushless power components are engineered to win! MS Series motors are tough enough to take the heat, and the MS-1 ESC meets ROAR specs for stock class racing. All the motors and MS-1 ESC are available separately and in perfectly matched brushless systems. They're ideal for almost all 1/10 racing platforms, including 2WD and 4WD Buggy, 2WD Stadium Truck and 2WD Short Course.

MS Connect ESC Programming Adapter

Use your PC to access more tuning options – in seconds! Step up from the limitations of manual ESC programming to the ease and expanded tuning capabilities of the MS Connect.

TKPM0050 MS Connect ESC Programming Adapter

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MS Connect

MS Series Brushless Systems

Designed specifically with 1/10th scale competition in mind, the TrakPower MS Brushless Racing Systems are perfect for on and off road, including touring cars, buggies, stadium trucks and short course platforms. The MS-1 ESC has an all aluminum, machined case to maintain cool operating temperatures without a bulky heat sink or fan. The brushless motors feature a ribbed aluminum can to improve heat dissipation. Mechanical timing allows you to dial in RPM or torque. The TrakPower MS Series Brushless Systems are available in six popular combinations:

TKPC6015 6.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC
TKPC6025 8.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC
TKPC6035 10.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC
TKPC6040 13.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC
TKPC6045 17.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC
TKPC6050 21.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC

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Brushless System

MS Series Sensored Brushless Motors

The TrakPower MS brushless motor series feature a CNC machined ribbed can with sufficient air vents to keep operating temperatures low and performance consistent. Heavy duty solder tabs provide plenty of room for a secure solder connection. All motors are re-buildable, complying with ROAR and IFMAR rules, and all include a woven sensor cable, sensor wire clip and clip screw. Motors are available in six popular sizes:

TKPC5015 6.5T
TKPC5025 8.5T
TKPC5035 10.5T
TKPC5040 13.5T
TKPC5045 17.5T
TKPC5050 21.5T

  • Ribbed CNC aluminum case provides more surface area for heat dissipation

  • Rotors are sintered to handle higher temperatures

  • Mechanical timing lets you fine-tune RPM and torque

  • Heavy-duty solder tabs

  • Vent holes to increase air flow

PDF  Product Manual

spacer Sensored Brushless Motor
Input Voltage: 2-3S LiPo
Dimensions: 1.4 x 2.06 in (35.9 x 52.4mm)
Shaft Length: 0.59 in (15mm)
Shaft Diameter: 0.125 in (3.175mm)
Weight: 6oz (170g)

MS-1 Brushless ESC

The MS-1 ESC is equipped with a CNC machined aluminum case to help keep operating temperatures low. Gold plated solder posts provide the best solder connection and allow you to install custom-length wire. Thermal and low voltage protections add security, while 100A continuous current capability delivers the power you'll need to compete in 1/10th racing classes.

TKPM0010 MS-1 Sensored Brushless ESC

  • "Blinky mode" flashing LED signifies ROAR-legal setup at a glance

  • CNC aluminum case is more durable and helps with heat dissipation

  • Easy-to-understand LED cues for programming

  • Compatible with motors down to 2.5T (540 size)

  • Gold-plated solder posts

  • Compact design and includes wires for easy installation

  • Programmable features include voltage cutoff, motor direction, drive mode, neutral width, start power, drag brake and timing

PDF  Product Manual

spacer Brushless ESC
Rated Current: 100A
Input Voltage: 2-3S LiPo
BEC: 6.0V/3A
Weight: 1.94oz (55g)
Dimensions: 0.94 x 1.3 x 1.4 in (24 x 33 x 36mm)
Programmable Features: Low voltage cutoff, drag brake, advanced timing, start power, drive mode and motor direction.

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