TrakPower Speed Equipment


12V DC Nitro Engine Heater
Improves performance and mileage ─ reduces wear and stress.

  • Preheats and holds .19-.26 engines to the ideal 180-200˚F (82-93˚C) range.

  • Works with 3S lithium batteries, DC power supplies or 12V batteries.

  • Shuts off automatically after 10 minutes or if low voltage is detected.

  • Protected by a limited 120-day warranty (U.S. & Canada only).

10-12V DC
Output: 90W
Heating Time: 10 minutes (approx.)
Weight: 2.29 oz (65 g)
Diameter/Height: 2.48 x 1.96 in (63 x 50 mm)

PDF  Product Manual
Nitro Engine Heater
Nitro Engine Heater

Temperature Gauge
with Stopwatch

It's two engine tuning tools in one!

  • Provides an extra level of assurance by measuring engine temperatures to prevent premature breakage due to overheating

  • Also features a stopwatch function that records lap times for confirming engine performance

  • Auto-off feature kicks in after 15 seconds to conserve battery power

  • Comes with a long-lasting, non-rechargeable lithium battery and a protective carrying pouch that can clip onto a belt for convenience.

Temperature Range:
-27° to +428°F (-33° to +220°C)
Dimensions: 3.4 x 1.9 x 0.9 in (85 x 48 x 23 mm)
Weight: 1.5 oz (44 g)

PDF  Product Manual

TGX2 Temperature Gauge with Stopwatch

Premium Screw Sets
When only the best hardware will do...

  • The super-durable screws in these assortments are made of highest-quality steel that is rust-resistant

  • All are metric sizes, with a hex head design

  • The durable, clear plastic boxes feature removable dividers that let you customize the interior spaces

  • Available in 130-piece assortments of Flat Head and Button Head screws, as well as a 70-piece Set Screw assortment — there's sure to be just the right size and style of screw you need!

TKPQ2000 Premium Flat Head Screw Set-130 pc.
TKPQ2001 Premium Button Head Screw Set-130 pc.
TKPQ2005 Premium Set Screw Set-70 pc.

Premium Button Head Screw Set

TrakPower Vinyl Carb/Pipe Cover Assortment (8)
Handy covers with a wide variety of uses

  • Made of stretchable vinyl — assortment contains 2 each of 4 different sizes
  • Great for carburetors, mufflers, pipes and tubes
  • Helps prevent contaminants from getting inside the engine
  • Smallest cap fits on TrakPower Pro and Duratrax Kwik-Pit fuel bottles

TrakPower Vinyl Carb/Pipe Cover Assortment (8)

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